Review: 1356 – Bernard Cornwell

1356 by Bernard Cornwell My rating : 4 of 5 stars Set after the English victory at Crécy, during the Hundred Years’ War and leading up to what by all accounts, this one included, was the apocalyptic battle of Poitiers in the year 1356 of the title. We’re in deepest darkest France and there’s something …


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Review: The Pagan Lord

When Bernard Cornwell is on form, he can be at least as good, if not a whole lot better, than most everyone else. When he's ticking over, he's also a whole lot better than a whole lot of other writers in the Historical Fiction field.

Friday book news

A family affair If you look to the right >> you'll see that I am currently reading Feud by Derek Birks. Unfortunately, what you can't see how much I'm enjoying it. Well, now << you can see it. Set in England in the mid 1450's and (where I am at the moment) the 1460's, the …

Ain’t goin’ on no book cover, Hannibal!

Pity the fool who doesn't buy these new books from Ben Kane!

Say what you like about Amazon…

...but. I ordered Bernhard Cornwell's latest in the (let's see what they're calling the series this week) 'Warrior Chronicles', The Pagan Lord a good while back. When it was announced I think. I got an email from Amazon last Friday, that they had dispatched the book. It arrived, here in Denmark, Monday morning around 10.00. …

Bernard Cornwell IS The Pagan Lord!

If this isn't a good book, I'll eat the cover. Promise.