Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends…Ladies and gentlemen, Kyle Mills, Elise Cooper and Enemy of The State!

First fiddle


Review: Order to Kill – Vince Flynn with Kyle Mills

Finally up to date

Review: Spy Out The Land – Jeremy Duns

If it had featured Angela Rippon, it'd have got 6 stars

Review: The Survivor – Vince Flynn with Kyle Mills

5 of 5 stars Series: Mitch Rapp 15 My version: Paperback Fiction Thriller, terrorism Simon & Schuster 2015 Bought Joseph 'Rick' Rickman, former boy wonder of the CIA, stole top secret intel concerning classified operations all over the world, offering it (and himself) to the Pakistani secret forces. His plan ended when CIA Director Irene Kennedy sent Mitch Rapp …

Review: The Last Man – Vince Flynn

A hero can't always be good

Review: Pursuit of Honour – Vince Flynn

Honour must be satisfied

Review: Extreme Measures – Vince Flynn

A hero betrayed by his own country must take extreme measures in his fight for the truth

Review: Protect and Defend – Vince Flynn

Only one man can bring the world back from the brink of nuclear war

Review: Agent 6 – Tom Rob Smith

5 of 5 stars Series: Leo Demidov 3 My version: Paperback Fiction USSR, USA Simon & Schuster 2011 Bought Three decades Moscow, 1965. When Leo Demidov's worst fears are realised and a tragic murder destroys everything he loves, he demands only one thing: that he is allowed to find the killer who has struck at the heart of his …

Review: Act of Treason – Vince Flynn

Politicians, eh? What are they good for?