Europe in 1810

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Review: The Last Legionnaire – Paul Fraser Collard

5 of 5 stars My version: Paperback Historical Fiction Napoleonic wars Headline 2016 Bought London. 1859. After years fighting for Queen and country, Jack Lark walks back into his mother's East End gin palace. a changed man. Haunted by the horrors of battle, and the constant fight for survival, he longs for a life to call …

Review: The Lone Warrior – Paul Fraser Collard

You can't get away with that kind of thing in International cricket any more, not even here in Bombay!

Review: The Devil’s Assassin – Paul Fraser Collard

The Devil in the details

The only list that mutters!

If you know your Clash, you'll know...

Review: Keane’s Company by Iain Gale

Not quite as mustard

Review: The Maharaja’s General by Paul Fraser Collard

The only thing left in Pandora’s box? Jack Lark

The only list that matters – Best in Show 2015!

If you buy all these, you'll be as poor as me. But happy. Though that generally doesn't wash with the bank man. Trust me, I've tried it.

Review: The Scarlet Thief by Paul Fraser Collard

You're 'avin' a Lark!