If it’s 2015, it must be time for – Book of the Year 2014!

I thought I'd actually wait until the year was over (2014, just in case you...) before putting my heads together and seeing what I'd read that was worthy of The Speesh Golden Bookmark* for best book/read I read in 2014. As usual, I don't seem to have read any of other places' 'Books of the Year.' Partly …


Review: Out Of Exile

Out Of Exile by Luke Preston My rating: 5 of 5 stars Luke Preston's first Tom Bishop book, Dark City Blue, was excellent. Out of Exile is (in my view) better, much better. Dark City Blue was like reading the Quick Start Guide to a killing machine. Lots of bullet point passages. Often literally. The …

Friday Book News 11 April

As my sight is returning, slowly, to something in the vicinity of normal, my snazzy new magnifying glass reveals that... Luke Preston, the terrible infant (where DID I put that French dictionary?) of Australian e-novels,  or something like that, says he is nominated for a prize. It's the International Thriller Writers 2014 Awards and Luke is …

Friday book news

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Top Five Books of the year – so far

My fabulous five of the year so far

There’s a Sharman waiting in the sky

Think you're tough enough to read one of these? Do ya? Eh?

Posting In The Name Of…

Read the post about a playlist to read posts by...

Review: Dark City Blue

Dark City Blue. Read it - before it reads you!

Reading in the name of

Soundtracks for books - now there's an idea?