The only list that mutters!

If you know your Clash, you'll know...


Review: Nemesis by Jo Nesbø

First one not named after a creature

The only list that matters – Best in Show 2015!

If you buy all these, you'll be as poor as me. But happy. Though that generally doesn't wash with the bank man. Trust me, I've tried it.

Review: The Redbreast by Jo Nesbø

My Rating 4 of 5 stars I’ve got an interview saved here, where Jo Nesbø (yes, I have an Ø on my keyboard) says that The Redbreast is his ‘most personal novel.’ The article is from 2014, which would mean The Redbreast is his most personal novel of them all, so far. Not knowing Mr …

Review: Cockroaches – Jo Nesbø

Better than bats

If it’s 2015, it must be time for – Book of the Year 2014!

I thought I'd actually wait until the year was over (2014, just in case you...) before putting my heads together and seeing what I'd read that was worthy of The Speesh Golden Bookmark* for best book/read I read in 2014. As usual, I don't seem to have read any of other places' 'Books of the Year.' Partly …

Review: The Bat

The Bat by Jo Nesbø My rating: 3 of 5 stars It's one of those that right from the off, makes it very clear that you are, at some point or other, going to be introduced to the murderer. The story never follows the murderer, never tells the story from their point of view - …