Review: Rules of Honour – Matt Hilton

4 1/2 of 5 stars Series: Joe Hunter 8 My version: Hardback Fiction Thriller Michael Joseph 2016 Bought When Rink's father is brutally murdered, Joe has to stop his friend rushing headlong for vengeance. Because Rink's mother witnessed the crime and Yukiko isn't telling everything she knows. Her silence is governed by the Japanese tradition of giri, or …


Review: Night School – Lee Child

'Dripping with irony and oozing dread...utterly gripping.' Really? Who'd want to grip THAT?!

Review: Make Me – Lee Child

Everything louder than everything else

Review: Personal – Lee Child

Up close

Review: Never Go Back – Lee Child

Never say never

Review: A Wanted Man – Lee Child


Review: The Affair – Lee Child

An affair of the heart

Review: Worth Dying For – Lee Child

A Duke don't marry a Hogg

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Review: Gone Tomorrow – Lee Child

The French suicide bomber - Napoleon Blownapart