Review: Saviour of Rome – Douglas Jackson

Cum occurrit, quod non occidendum!


Review: Blood and Blade – Matthew Harffy

If Matthew Harffy is a new name to you, sort it out. Right now.

Speesh Reads’ unique Historical Fiction Timeline!

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Reading The Lion and the Lamb by John Henry Clay

Another story of Roman Britain set up around Hadrian's Wall, by the looks of it. Will be interesting to see how it compares to Anthony Riches Empire series - which seems to have staked the territory around the Roman Wall out pretty well so far. Impressive, solid feel to the hardback version I have, with …

Review: Arrows of Fury

Arrows of Fury by Anthony Riches My rating: 4 of 5 stars I had to, thanks (?) to an eye infection, ‘read’ this with Audible. And very glad I was too. What top notch entertainment it is! So good in fact, I’ve had it read to me twice inside a month - and enjoyed every …

Review: The Ways of the World


Review: The Last Caesar

The Last Caesar by Henry Venmore-Rowland My rating: 4 of 5 stars Is there room in the Roman market for another author writing fiction set in Ancient Rome? When you're as good as this, there is. When your name's as big as Henry Venmore-Rowland - you better create a lot of room. And he does, …

Review: Wounds of Honour

Set your face to stun.

Review: The Pagan Lord

When Bernard Cornwell is on form, he can be at least as good, if not a whole lot better, than most everyone else. When he's ticking over, he's also a whole lot better than a whole lot of other writers in the Historical Fiction field.

Review: Knights of the Hawk

I just read the best book of the year.