Review: Hereward The Immortals by James Wilde

It'll keep you a wake


Light/bushel removal

Me? On the back of a real book and all?! Well, I never did!

Reading Conquest by Stewart Binns

Had this one waiting on the shelf for a while. 300-odd pages in and Hereward reminds me of Robert E.Howard's Conan. Ordinarily, that would be good, but this is England, not Cimmeria or even Hyboria. Reading Conquest by Stewart Binns View on Path

The Story of a Book Cover

How Hereward became The Time of the Wolf - or, the story behind what's in front of you Clever that, eh?


Title for 'Tancred III', James Aitcheson's third in the '1066 The Bloody Aftermath' now revealed!

Breaking Hereward III news!

Breaking News! Hereward End Of Days available to pre-order. Go do it!

What else are we looking forward to? Why, it’s Hereward III

What do we know about the next in the 'Hereward' series from author James Wilde?

Review: Hereward

Hereward by James Wilde My rating: 4 of 5 stars Superb. Nothing less. Hereward gripped me and held me at sword-point from page one. (That was my attempt at writing something they might want to use on a future Hereward book jacket). I can't remember being so impressed by a historical novel for a long, …