Review: Hereward The Immortals by James Wilde

It'll keep you a wake


Review: Crusade by Stewart Binns

From when the days were filled with knights

Review: Hereward Wolves of New Rome

Hereward Wolves of New Rome by James Wilde My rating: 4 of 5 stars I was very pleased about this one. About how good it was and how it developed and, I felt, totally refreshed the series I have loved from the start, from the opening chapter, in fact. Fast-paced and urgent, streamlined and effective, it is …

New books for August

Quite brilliant, not to say interesting, new post on Speesh Reads

Today, 14 October, is the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings

If Harold had read some of these books about the Battle of Hastings, he probably wouldn't have lost!

A talk on the Wilde side

James Wilde talking about and signing copies of Hereward End of Days at Topping & Co.

If you only buy one paperback book about England in the 11th Century this week…

Hastings. The fightback. The paperback.

A Winter’s tale

Part two of my James Wilde Hereward US versions post heads for the exit, pursued by a bear!

More posts about Hereward and Wolf

Talking Heads make another partial appearance in a post. About James Wilde's Hereward books. And their covers.

There sure are book bargains to be had out there

Books, who doesn't love 'em? Bargains, who doesn't love 'em? Can we link the two?