9 October, it’s Leif Ericson Day

Celebrate the Vikings getting to the Americas 500 years before...that other bloke


If I only recommend one book on the Vikings, it would be these three

The Hammer and the Cross : Robert FergusonBrings the history of the Vikings into the 21st Century.After many years away, this is the one that got me back into the Vikings with a bang.The title refers to how the Vikings were actually effectively wiped out by Christianity.The Vikings in America : Graeme Davis I've reviewed this one …

Review: The Vikings and America

The Vikings and America by Erik Wahlgren I learned from this book; that the author is a bit of a know-it-all. He's clearly a very educated, and educated in all things Norse and Viking, man. He clearly knows his Viking onions. He has his opinions and his opinions are the right ones. His opinions are …

Review: Vikings in America – Graeme Davis

Now that I'm living in Denmark, for some reason I'm finding the Viking period of history more and more interesting. Must be something in the air.