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Hawk Quest – conquers the world!

An epic post of the Hawk Quest conquests

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There's good points and bad points.

Review: Free Agent

Ready for a different sort of spy story?

Review: The Tenth Chamber

The Tenth Chamber by Glenn Cooper My rating: 3 of 5 stars Quite a mixed bag of a book this. Whilst the novel goes back and forth between the time periods the story needs to cover, the chronological order is: Pre-History. Medieval Middle Ages. Second World War. Modern day. Quite a spread and unusually (from …

Review: Hereward: The Devil’s Army

Great book. Read this, then go read 'The Devil's Army' - go on, do it now!

Well, that’s nice

"Really appreciate an excellent in-depth review that is hugely encouraging, Speesh." - From the man himself!

The Splintered Kingdom-come.

Amazing. Huge publishing House (that I've even heard of) sends me a pre-release, review copy of a book I would have bought anyway.

Review: The Trinity Six

The Trinity Six by Charles Cumming My rating: 3 of 5 stars Anyone who is in any way interested in spies, spying and the world of espionage in general, has surely read at least one of John le Carré's genre defining classics. Not the later gardening and Panama nonsense, but the unforgettable Cold War, Smiley intrigues. …