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Review: The Thieves Of Heaven

A thief of time.

Before the List, there was the Ark

First one with a duster to Leeds, gets it!

There sure are book bargains to be had out there

Books, who doesn't love 'em? Bargains, who doesn't love 'em? Can we link the two?

Review: King’s Man

Viking. King's Man by Tim Severin My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is in essence, a different look at the Viking 'swords and shields' books that I like reading so much (Robert Low, Giles Kristian, etc). If you're simply after swords and shields and bucket-loads of bloody raping and pillaging, this isn't for you. This is …

Review: Viking: Sworn Brother

Sworn Brother by Tim Severin My rating: 4 of 5 stars Sworn Brother, is number two in the Viking series and is another excellent read. A good story, nicely written and exhaustively researched. I thought at one point that it could perhaps do with having a bit more blood and thunder in it, but then I'm …

Review: Vikings in America – Graeme Davis

Now that I'm living in Denmark, for some reason I'm finding the Viking period of history more and more interesting. Must be something in the air.