The best ever spy books?

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The only list that mutters!

If you know your Clash, you'll know...

Review: The Double Game by Dan Fesperman

And it's now I see, after all of this time what it's done to me

Review: The Confessor

My favourite waste of time

If it’s 2015, it must be time for – Book of the Year 2014!

I thought I'd actually wait until the year was over (2014, just in case you...) before putting my heads together and seeing what I'd read that was worthy of The Speesh Golden Bookmark* for best book/read I read in 2014. As usual, I don't seem to have read any of other places' 'Books of the Year.' Partly …

Review: The Small Boat Of Great Sorrows

The Small Boat Of Great Sorrows by Dan Fesperman My rating: 4 of 5 stars This was a really excellent book, that might start off slowly and studied and have you wondering where all this is going, but really gets underway in the second two-thirds and makes up for all the ‘what’s this all about …

Reading The Small Boat Of Great Sorrows by Dan Fesperman

Moving on... See if this is as good as the last of his I read, The Arms Maker of Berlin. Which was excellent. Which is why I bought this one... Reading The Small Boat Of Great Sorrows by Dan Fesperman View on Path

Books brought back from UK trip

Now you know why we took the car over. We drove from Denmark to Wales, via Germany, Holland, Belgium and an overnight in Calais France. Then on to the north of England, the south and back, via an overnight in Dunkerque. Book-buying wasn't the only reason of course, but it did make it a lot …

Review: The Arms Maker of Berlin

The Arms Maker of Berlin by Dan Fesperman My rating: 4 of 5 stars Spies and the second world war. Who doesn't love stories about one or the other? Spies in the Second World War? Getting better. Spies today and spies in the Second World War - Now that's a match made in some sort …