Review: Knights of the Hawk

I just read the best book of the year.


Today, 14 October, is the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings

If Harold had read some of these books about the Battle of Hastings, he probably wouldn't have lost!

If you only buy one paperback book about England in the 11th Century this week…

Hastings. The fightback. The paperback.


Title for 'Tancred III', James Aitcheson's third in the '1066 The Bloody Aftermath' now revealed!

Breaking Hereward III news!

Breaking News! Hereward End Of Days available to pre-order. Go do it!

What else are we looking forward to? Why, it’s Hereward III

What do we know about the next in the 'Hereward' series from author James Wilde?

Review: The Splintered Kingdom

The Splintered Kingdom by James Aitcheson My rating: 4 of 5 stars If I read a better, more satisfying book, of the Historical Fiction (or any other) genre this next year - I'll be astounded. Or for many years to come. Or at least until the next in the 'Bloody Aftermath' series. The 'Splintered Kingdom' …

The Splintered Kingdom-come.

Amazing. Huge publishing House (that I've even heard of) sends me a pre-release, review copy of a book I would have bought anyway.

Review: Sworn Sword: The Bloody Aftermath Of 1066 England’s Fate Hangs In The Balance

Sworn Sword: The Bloody Aftermath Of 1066 England's Fate Hangs In The Balance by James Aitcheson My rating: 4 of 5 stars History is written by the winners. As someone much cleverer (Winston Churchill?) than me once said. Except for the aftermath of the 1066 invasion and conquering of Olde England, by the Normans. All …