Review: Rome’s Lost Son (Vespasian VI) by Robert Fabbri

Behind you!


Review: ‘Hannibal, Enemy of Rome’ by Ben Kane

As fine a Chianti as you'll ever read

Then this happened…

Clearly too tough to be contained by a puny padded envelope, yesterday, Agent of Rome: The Black Stone by Nick Brown landed in a welter of blood and corpses on my doormat. OK, Parcel Postie knocked politely on the door and gave it to me. But once inside the house, the book fought its way out …

Review: Avenger of Rome

No place like Rome.

Review: Defender of Rome

Roman in the gloaming.

Review: Of Merchants and Heroes

Of Merchants and Heroes by Paul Waters My rating: 3 of 5 stars This is one, I thought after I’d finished it, that perhaps would have benefited by having its ‘Historical Note’ at the start. I certainly found it to be a better book looking back at it after having read the Historical Note, than …

Review: Tribune of Rome

Maximus enjoymentus

Review: The Last Caesar

The Last Caesar by Henry Venmore-Rowland My rating: 4 of 5 stars Is there room in the Roman market for another author writing fiction set in Ancient Rome? When you're as good as this, there is. When your name's as big as Henry Venmore-Rowland - you better create a lot of room. And he does, …

Review: Wounds of Honour

Set your face to stun.

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