Review: Siberian Red – Sam Eastland

4 of 5 stars Series: Inspector Pekkala 3 My version: Paperback Historical Fiction Russia, Soviet Union  Faber and Faber 2016 Bought 1939. Russia teeters on the verge of war with Germany. It's also on the brink of bankruptcy. To preserve his regime, Stalin orders a search for the legendary missing gold of Tsar Nicholas II and summons his chief …


Review: Eagles in the Storm – Ben Kane

Don't think The Doors...

Review: Eagles In The Storm – Ben Kane

Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown

Review: Blood and Steel – Harry Sidebottom

4 of 5 stars Series: Throne of the Caesars 2 My version: Hardback Historical Fiction Rome Harper Collins 2015 Bought signed AD238. In a world of battle and betrayal, men will fight - and kill - to sit on the throne of the Caesars. Emperoro Maximinus' reign hangs in the balance. At the helm of an Empire that is bleeding …

Review: Wings of the Storm – Giles Kristian

Third time's a charm

Review: Field Grey – Philip Kerr

5 of 5 stars Series: Bernie Gunther 7 My version: Peperback Historical Fiction Germany Quercus 2010 Bought Cuba, 1954 A man doesn't work for his enemies unless he has no choice. So when Bernie Gunther finds himself forced to work for French intelligence, it was that or hang for murder.. His job is to meet and greet POWs returning …

Review: The Flame Bearer – Bernard Cornwell

I, I would be king, and you, you would be my Queen

Review: Hunting The Eagles – Ben Kane

If you only read one book about the Teutoberg Forest

Review: The Abbey of Death – Steven A.McKay

I've been back to the Middle Ages!

Review: Eagles At War – Ben Kane

All roads lead to the forest