Review: Winter’s Fire – Giles Kristian

4 of 5 stars Series: The Rise of Sigurd 2 My version: Hardback Historical Fiction Vikings Bantam Press 2016 Bought, signed Norway, AD785 - a vow of vengeance must be kept... Sigurd Haraldarson has proved himself a great warrior...and a dangerous enemy. He has gone a long way towards avenging the murder of his family. And yet the oath-breaker …


Review: The Last Legionnaire – Paul Fraser Collard

5 of 5 stars My version: Paperback Historical Fiction Napoleonic wars Headline 2016 Bought London. 1859. After years fighting for Queen and country, Jack Lark walks back into his mother's East End gin palace. a changed man. Haunted by the horrors of battle, and the constant fight for survival, he longs for a life to call …

Review: A Quiet Flame – Philip Kerr

Buy one with this cover, please

Review: Viking Fire – Justin Hill

The most Viking of Vikings

Review: The Earthly Gods – Nick Brown

Agent 001

Review: Saviour of Rome – Douglas Jackson

Cum occurrit, quod non occidendum!

Review: The Scathing – C. R. May

Keep that banner high, let them know how much trouble they are in!

Review: Killer of Kings – Matthew Harffy

Matthew is in the midst of creating magic here

Review: Rise of the Wolf – Steven A McKay

I'm on the hunt, I'm after you

Review: The Lone Warrior – Paul Fraser Collard

You can't get away with that kind of thing in International cricket any more, not even here in Bombay!