No clover, no heather, no cross, no wonder, I’m lucky

Send lawyers, guns and money!


What IS it I read?

I know what it it, do they?

Mitch Rapp Ambassador

Stoked, I am

Book covers: What’s wrong with this picture?

I'm not a great one for highlighting book covers, I appreciate it ia a subjective thing. However, I was a designer (of sorts) in my previous incarnation as an advertising man, back in the UK. I was the one who was there to take all the emotion out of a problem and solve it as …

How real books have trumped ebooks – The Guardian

Books, glorious books!

Watching The Shannara Chronicles – Season 1

I don't remember getting so old


Get back

The Kin of Cain, Matthew Harffy Blog Tour!

Everything before the 'but,' is bullshit

‘Blog Tours’ just got a whole lot better!

Afraid of the Dark (Ages)

The Final Countdown…

A one way ticket to hell and back...