I’m moving Speesh Reads over to speeshreads.com

In the next month, let’s say the end of February at the latest, I’m going to have moved the Speesh Reads Blog from this address, over to speeshreads.com.

I’ve literally just replicated – so far – the blog as it is here, over there. As yet. I’m still investigating the things one can now do with a paid-for url and so on, so there aren’t going to be any major tweaks as yet. Not that I really want to make major changes, this format works well for me, so I’ll continue with it for a while.

I’m not moving the site to my own domain to make money from you visitors. Not at the start anyway! I’m doing it to have a bit more control, when I find out how, over the presentation and whathaveyou of the blog. Try and make it look a bit more professional anyway. I want to share my thoughts about the books I read. I read everything I buy and/or get asked to read. I always read to a finish. I started blogging just to try and get down what I thought about a book. It’s not easy. Well, I don’t find it easy anyway. However, it is just that, that I like doing it for, because it isn’t easy. Trying to sum up what I got from a book is a challenge. If it was easy, it wouldn’t have a value for me. And when I’m done with a post, I’m never satisfied. I always want to feel that the next one will be better. I’ve always said that that’s how it should be with anything you do. If you think ‘that’s the best I can do,’ then you should stop ding that and move on. I’m never 100% satisfied and always feel that the next review is going to nail it!

I’d love you to come over to speeshreads.com and like the blog there and carry on reading it. Even of you haven’t liked anything after the initial ‘click’ on ‘like, thank you for that. Otherwise, I’ll carry on over there, if you come with, that’d be just great. If not, thanks for reading so far and have a really happy future of reading.

If reading a blog isn’t your thing, you can keep up to date with all things Speesh Reads, here:





Now, if I can figure out how to make this a ‘sticky’ I’m done here.


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