Review: The Foreign Correspondent

The Foreign CorrespondentThe Foreign Correspondent by Alan Furst
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Promised much, delivered little.

It felt a little like he was avoiding telling the story he should have, maybe even really wanted to. A huge missed opportunity, no matter how languid, evocative and well-written it was.

I’ll give some of his others a go, but there’s gonna have to be a dramatic improvement after this let-down.

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2 Replies to “Review: The Foreign Correspondent”

    1. Thanks Andreas.
      I agree with you. I’ve read two now and have another one (‘Spies of the Balkans’) waiting (I’m getting them off the local library), and I think I expected more from them. Especially after reading the rave reviews on the back covers. I’m just not getting it. So maybe it’s me.
      Whilst I enjoy reading about this peroiod, the period in-between the wars, and especially Germany/Eastern Europe in the years before WWII, the books just don’t seem to be doing anything for me as yet, but I’ll give this next one a go before I rush to judgement.


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