Review: The Vikings and America

The Vikings and America by Erik Wahlgren

I learned from this book; that the author is a bit of a know-it-all. He’s clearly a very educated, and educated in all things Norse and Viking, man. He clearly knows his Viking onions. He has his opinions and his opinions are the right ones. His opinions are in fact, fact. There are of course, other theories concerning the Viking presence in north America, but he doesn’t vare for them and is dismissive of the majority of them. And this ‘I’m right, they/everyone else is wrong’ attitude, whilst being able to back the vast majority of it up with facts, does grate. I would have liked him to have at least written as if he was a little bit more ‘open’.The best section of the book, in my opinion, was where he presents his theories on where Leif Eriksson’s ‘Vinland’ settlement could well have been (given that whilst L’Anse aux Meadows does show (continued) Viking presence in America, it isn’t Leif’s ‘Vinland’). This was very interesting and well presented. I’d certainly have liked him to have developed it a lot more.For a much more well-rounded (and up-to-date) presentation of the Vikings in America, you should read the aptly titled ‘Vikings in America’, by Graeme Davis.

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