Review: Warriors Of The Storm – Bernard Cornwell

5 of 5 stars Series: The Last Kingdom 9 My version: Hardback Historical Fiction England, Vikings Harper Collins 2015 Bought, Signed King Alfred's son Edward and formidable daughter, Æthelflæd, rule Wessex, Mercia and East Amglia. But all round the restless Northmen, eyeing the rich lands and wealthy churches, are mounting raids. Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the kingdoms' greatest warrior, controls northern …


Review: The Empty Throne – Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell's own website calls it 'The Last Kingdom Series.'

Review: The Abbey of Death – Steven A.McKay

I've been back to the Middle Ages!

Review: Ardennes 1944: Hitler’s Last Gamble – Antony Beevor

December, 1944. Hitler launches his last gamble: soldiers and tanks pour into the snowy forests and gorges of the Ardennes. In the most hostile conditions since Stalingrad a million men do bloody battle to determine the end of the Second World War

Review: The Third Reich in Power by Richard J. Evans (The History of the Third Reich, #2)

5 of 5 stars Series: The History of The Third Reich 2 My version: Audiobook Non Fiction Germany, WWII The Penguin Press 2005 StoryTel subscription The definitive account of Germany's malign transformation under Hitler's total rule and the implacable march to war. By the middle of 1933, the democracy of the Weimar Republic had been transformed into the police …

Review: Term Limits by Vince Flynn

5 of 5 stars Series: None, it's a prequel of sorts for the Mitch Rapp series My version: Paperback Fiction Crime, terrorism, US politics Simon & Schuster 1997 Bought Restoring power to the people, one politician at a time. Taking politics into their own hands a group of highly-trained killers embark on a mission of shattering brutality. It is …

Review: Eagles At War – Ben Kane

All roads lead to the forest

Review: Inauguration Day – Peter G. Pollak

The right President

Review: The Holocaust: A New History – Laurence Rees

5 of 5 stars My version: Audiobook Non Fiction Viking 2017 StoryTel subscription Laurence Rees' masterpiece is revealing in three ways. First, it is based not only on the latest academic research, but also on 25 years of interviewing survivors and perpetrators, often at the sites of the events, many of whom have never had their words published …

Review: The Lions of Lucerne – Brad Thor

Snow lions