Review: The Templar Conspiracy by Paul Christopher

3 of 5 stars John ‘Doc’ Holliday #4 My version: Paperback Fiction Present day, The Templars Penguin Books 2011 Bought The ruthless reign of a secret power must be stopped… In Rome, the public assassination of the Pope by a sniper on Christmas Day sets off a massive investigation that stretches across the globe. But behind the veil of […]

Review: Kill Shot by Vince Flynn

4 of 5 stars Mitch Rapp #2 My version: Paperback Fiction Thriller, espionage Simon & Schuster 2012 Bought Mitch Rapp is a man on a mission For months, Mitch Rapp has been working his way through a list of those behind the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing – bullet by bullet. His next target should be easy – […]